Marathon effort


Stretching it out before the starting gun

I attempted the Sydney Marathon on Sunday.  I finished 18 miles (30 km) before my IT band started screaming bloody murder and I decided to call it quits for fear of inflicting lasting injury.  But, I completed more than two-thirds of the distance and I didn’t train for it,* so I’m going to chalk it up as a pseudo-win and be proud of myself.

As I’ve written about previously, Sydney has launched us into the healthier lifestyle we’d always fantasized about but never really made happen in the States (shame on us).  I’ve been running a lot in the past 9 months because it’s free fitness and the weather is usually nice enough to allow it.  Also, I’m lucky to have a lot of work colleagues who are runners.  Just being around them and watching the way they prioritise their health pushes me to lace up regularly.

I was really excited to have run the half marathon distance with little trouble at roughly 10 minutes per mile (6 min/km), and I was holding back to conserve energy! It all would have been almost unthinkable a year ago.  Seeing that a marathon is well within my grasp, I’ll train for next year (what a concept) and see if I can make it the full way.  Now to nurse and strengthen this annoying IT band…

*Dumb, I know.


2 thoughts on “Marathon effort

  1. BIG CONGRATS to you!! No easy feat… not even in the same neighborhood as easy… in the whole ‘holy hell, you’re a badass!’ category, though. I injured my IT band back in 2008 and I am still having issues! Didn’t take care of it properly after the initial sting — try using a foam roller if you can find one! It helps immensely 🙂 You are awesome!!!


  2. So impressive to run 18 miles and soon more!!! Good for you, I hope you’re feeling strong, energetic, and successful!  It’s truly amazing!!!! xoxo


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