33 for 33 Update

pool near manly

Time for an update on my 33 for 33 list. Roughly six weeks into the year I’ve accomplished… two items.  Not a strong showing, I have to admit. We’ve spent most of our sunshiny weekends hard at work exploring brunch options, which then leads to leisurely walking off the meal… just in time to sit down at a cafe for ‘afternoon tea’ (i.e. more coffee and a snack).  On weekends when the weather has been rainy, we’ve been fulfilling the wimpy Californian stereotype of rain-aversion and entertaining ourselves at home with movies, reading, popcorn (maybe a quick trip to our local Chinese restaurant for take-away dinner).

I’m glad I have my list.  There isn’t anything wrong with aimless, wander-y weekends (they are, in fact, lovely) but if I didn’t push myself to experience everything below and we left Australia, I’d kick myself!


#21 Join a social expat group 
We’ve been members of InterNations since we arrived in Sydney, but it’s such a massive organisation with so many members across such a diverse range of backgrounds that we feel like a speck in a snow globe at their events.  We’ve had nice conversations with quite a few people but its been hard to go deeper and really connect with anyone.  Plus, a lot of InterNations networking is behind a paid wall, and it’s hard to pony up money when I know there have got to be good free options around.  Haven’t given up on it yet but we’re branching out to check out other options.

More recently, we joined Sydney Americans and #USCinSydney, two Facebook-driven groups that I think will be really great.  We’re going to watch the start of American football season with the Sydney Americans starting this weekend. (I never thought I’d be this excited for football.)

#30 Visit the Taronga Zoo
Went above and beyond on this one – we became Zoo Friends (a.k.a. annual members)!  We’re happy to support the Zoo’s work, plus we now get special pricing on some of their events (hello, Roar & Snore – we’ll see you when the weather warms up a bit.)  They’ve always got something on that looks amazing so it’s nice to be able to pop over periodically instead of cramming one day in an effort to make the most of a single admission.  And, since Taronga is on the north side of the harbour, some of the best views of Sydney are from their grounds and we’ll definitely want to show that off to visiting friends and family.

I also might find my volunteering outlet at the Zoo (see #25).

In progress:

#5 Read 12 books
Progress tracking to keep me honest at Goodreads

#10 Rock a bikini in public
I’ve been doing Kayla’s Itsines’ 12-week plan.  She. Kicks. Butt.  And, relatedly, has a ridiculously motivating and fun Instagram feed!  I’m seeing progress already and that keeps me going. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a a new addition to your workout routine.

#19 Complete Sydney’s Great Coastal Walk
#22 Practice yoga once a week
#26 Call family once a month 

Still ahead:

#1 Bushwalk in the Blue Mountains
#2 Really embrace my little corner of the Twittersphere
#3 Hug a koala
#4 Perfect a pho broth
#6 Go vegan for a month
#7 Do the Tim Tam Slam
#8 Attend a rugby game (Rabbitohs?)
#9 Attend an AFL game (Swans?)
#11 Complete this marathon
#12 Climb Mt. Kosciuszko
#13 Visit New Zealand

#14 See a ballet
#15 See a musical
#16 Make dumplings according to my Grandma’s Yeung’s recipe
#17 Stargaze at the Sydney Observatory
#18 Take a day to lounge on the beach
#20 Host Thanksgiving dinner
#23 Break up the workday with a Lunchbreak Concert at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
#24 Eat too much cheese and drink too much wine at The Stinking Bishops
#25 Schedule regular volunteer work

#26 Familiarise myself with French
#28 Run a sausage sizzle at Bunnings
#29 Read at least one issue of the Economist each month

#31 Fire a gun at the shooting range
#32 See The Present, based on Chekhov’s Platanov
#33 Scale an indoor rock wall
#34 (One extra for good measure) Go for the beetroot-on-a-burger experience at Paul’s in Sutherland Shire

Picture of the adorably little Fairy Bower Rock Pool between Manly and Shelly Beach. 


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