An ode to oils


Winter is starting to lose its clutch on the city — hooray!  Warmer days have been creeping in here and there and the sun manages to stick around for longer before the biting cold wind returns.

Aside from hearty soups, electric blankets, and hot toddies, I’ve come to depend on some lovely oils to get me (and my skin) through the winter.  Jojoba for my face, sweet almond for my body, coconut and tea tree for my feet, argan for my hair.  I’ve added a little raw sugar now and then to the almond oil, which makes a beautiful body scrub.  I’ve never gotten much fancier than that  since the oils in their pure form are so soothing and moisturizing (although these are all calling to me!).  My skin has been gobbling it up.  In fact, I’ve ditched lotion completely.  Oils rock.

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One thought on “An ode to oils

  1. Ah — catching up on your blog (I’m a month behind — how did that happen!?) and can I just ‘LIKE’ this post x100? I’ve been doing the at-home facials with different oils and exfoliation mediums (ground coffee + coconut oil is a favorite) and switched up the daily face wash (almond oil + frankincense) and I wonder why I didn’t try these things sooner? My skin feels 100x better than it ever did using the department store stuff! LOVE these!! Would love to see what other ‘recipes’ you’ve been cooking up, too! 🙂


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