33 things for my 33rd year

I’ve been 33 for two weeks already! Thought it might be fun to put forth 33 things to accomplish this year.  I’ll post progress updates as things get ticked off.  In no particular order of importance…

  1. Bushwalk in the Blue Mountains
  2. Really embrace my little corner of the Twittersphere
  3. Hug a koala
  4. Perfect a pho broth
  5. Read 12 books (This list seems like a solid place to start but I’d love additional recommendations!)
  6. Go vegan for a month
  7. Do the Tim Tam Slam
  8. Attend a rugby game (Rabbitohs?)
  9. Attend an AFL game (Swans?)
  10. Rock a bikini in public
  11. Complete this marathon
  12. Climb Mt. Kosciuszko  
  13. Visit New Zealand
  14. See a ballet
  15. See a musical
  16. Make dumplings according to my Grandma Yeung’s recipe
  17. Stargaze at the Sydney Observatory
  18. Take a day to lounge on the beach
  19. Complete Sydney’s Great Coastal Walk 
  20. Host Thanksgiving dinner
  21. Join a social expat group
  22. Practice yoga once a week
  23. Break up the workday with a Lunchbreak Concert at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  24. Eat too much cheese and drink too much wine at The Stinking Bishops
  25. Schedule regular volunteer work
  26. Call family once a month
  27. Familiarise myself with French
  28. Run a sausage sizzle at Bunnings
  29. Read at least one issue of the Economist each month
  30. Visit the Taronga Zoo
  31. Fire a gun at the shooting range
  32. See The Present, based on Chekhov’s Platanov
  33. Scale an indoor rock wall
  34. (One extra for good measure) Go for the beetroot-on-a-burger experience at Paul’s in Sutherland Shire

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2 thoughts on “33 things for my 33rd year

  1. Love your list 🙂 I’m still working on mine, although I’m inching closer and closer to the finish line. Going to be busy for the next few months… yikes! I only remembered to start hashtagging my adventures when I saw this post… fail. Wish I could join you for #1, #3, #14, #15, #20, and I am *dying* to see you do #31! That will involve a post all it’s own 😉


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