Run it out


Sydney continues to push us into a healthier lifestyle.  It surprises me to say it out loud, but I run to and from work! It’s only about 3.5 km each way. I skip it now and then when the weather is bad, but it adds up to logging about 28 km (a little over 17 miles) a week.

It turns out to be really enjoyable. The mornings are tough since it’s been so cold recently, but once I’ve forced myself out of the house I love the pre-dawn quiet before the rest of the city is up and I feel energized by the time I sit down at my desk.  At the end of the day, the run is a great way to destress and mentally sort through the challenges of work.

I’m lucky that my workplace supports an active lifestyle by providing a gym, lockers, and showers.  On Monday mornings, I haul in a week’s worth of work clothes and toiletries, then only need to toss a few essentials into my Camelbak to carry to/from through the rest of the week! #betterforit

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