Scott’s MoTW – The Exam

The Exam


Info – Suspense/Drama (not horror), 101 min, 63% on

Why? – Do you tire of seeing the same 10 actors and actresses working a variation of 5 scripts? ME TOO! For better or worse (and I think it’s for the better), The Exam is a fresh idea with fresh faces. The movie provides a slow burn of anxiety as you gradually learn the purpose of said exam. The purpose and method of passing drive the movie to it’s climax, and I wasn’t the slightest bit disappointed by the finale. It has a diverse cast and diverse characters with naturally opposed personalities. However simple the premise, the journey to the film’s conclusion is as chemically imbalanced as some of the characters.

The film has it’s flaws, and there’s a lack of polish on the production that I can’t put my finger on… it just felt a bit cheap. And if you don’t know the meaning already, perhaps spend 20 seconds looking up the word “invigilator” quickly before hitting play.

How? – If you want a physical copy, it’s going to cost you – $8+ used, or $16 new via Amazon, it’s abnormally pricing, but it’s also an abnormal title. Digital rental is probably the way to go, at $2.99 from Google Play. Or, if you take my word as gospel and just want to buy it, plan on spending $10/$13 for the standard or HD versions.

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