Long black, please


This city is serious about its coffee!  Everyone has an opinion on their preferred drink, cafe, roaster…  I keep things simple and am always after a long black (espresso poured into a bit of hot water).  Here are a few of my favourite spots for a cuppa.

Redfern Continental


The new-ish neighbourhood spot is heavy on German homestyle food, in addition to freshly baked pastries from friends of the owners, who are often seen on Saturday mornings mingling with customers as they transfer their goodies from Tupperware to display stands on the counter.  RC is sister to Arcadia Liquors, a little bar equally loved by us (more on that in another post).  The overall vibe is friendly, easy, warm, and welcoming.  And they make perfect long blanks.  Seriously.  Rich, roasted velvet in a cup.  I am rarely impressed enough to order a second coffee in one sitting, but I’m tempted every time I’m at Redfern Continental.

Three Williams


There are some big names behind 3W: the owner is formerly of The Grounds of Alexandria (another brunch hot spot) and the chef spent time at Aria ( an upper-crust fine dining restaurant at Circular Quay).  The food is spectacular.  Their french toast is probably the only way I enjoy brioche.  But that aside, their long black is smooth and strong, just as it should be.



Gumption, in accordance with its name, is itty bitty but packs a big punch – standing room only inside their shop itself, although they have a good amount of seating in the pedestrian corridor right outside their doors.  They’re wedged in The Strand shopping centre, and I’ve never seen it without a line out the door.  Associated with Coffee Alchemy, Gumption serves a long black that’s considerably lighter, fruitier, and acidic.  Refreshing, if that word can be applied to hot coffee.  It’s not always what I’m in the mood for, but really hits the spot when I’m after something a little different.

Porch & Parlour


A block up from famed Bondi Beach, this rustic spot is the only other place where I’ve ordered multiple long blacks in one sitting.  I was buzzing for the rest of the day, but I couldn’t help myself.  They use Will & Co. coffee, and it is creamy, toasty goodness.  Bonus points for having a magical (MAGICAL) kale-spinach-herb-egg-avo breakfast bowl. They’re currently closed for renovation and I’m counting the days until their doors reopen.

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