Photos from eastern Siberia by Damien Milan


We did something a little different this week.  On Wednesday night, we  went to check out the opening of Landscapes from Within, a photography exhibit by Damien Milan.


The photos were shot on Olkhon Island in eastern Siberia, a place where the small local community of about 1,500 people still practice shamanism and regards the island to be a significant spiritual place.  The landscapes were remote, expansive, and I found myself taking deep relaxing breaths.  Perhaps the spirit of the place was carried through the photographs.

DSC_0021 (2)

Damien took these shots while on a 50 day journey across the Trans-Siberian railway!  What an adventure!  To say that my wanderlust went off the Richter is putting it mildly.

Aren’t they beautiful?  For more, visit Damien Milan’s website.

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One thought on “Photos from eastern Siberia by Damien Milan

  1. so beautiful… the soft colors, soft light, largely neutral backgrounds with pastel horizons… I’m dreaming right there beside you, buddy.


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