Sydney Stormin’


When we moved one thing I was excited about was the weather of Sydney.  The desert of southern California has its benefits (read: consistent sun and a temperate climate).  But when you’ve never had much variation in the weather, the grass is definitely greener on the other side.  So far at least, it’s been incredible here.  We’ve had a great mix of sun, rain and lightning that has been, for lack of a better word, fun.

This last week has been something else entirely.  The three day total from 9am on Monday was about 255mm (a little over 10 inches).  In three days, we’ve had more rain than San Diego receives in an average year.  The most rain recorded in one day in San Diego is 3.23 inches… the first two days of this storm both dropped more rain than that.  Complicating the situation was the addition of cyclone-like wind speeds at 50 km/hr (30 mph) or stronger for nearly 48 hours straight.  Some gusts were recorded at twice that speed.

This is the second time that Sydney has popped up in the world news since our arrival. While in the U.S., I can recall exactly one time per year that Sydney would be on television: New Years Eve.  Each year, when the clock struck midnight, Dick Clark or his googly-eyed VJ offspring would announce the new year and show celebrations that had taken place around the world.  One of the shots would inevitably be of the Sydney Harbour.

It’s unfortunate that Sydney has been in the news twice in less than six months under such tragic circumstances.  First the Lindt hostage situation, now the Australian storm of the decade. One thing I’ve learned about Australians, and will try to take with me wherever we go, is the spirit that endures despite evident danger. Perhaps they’ve just grown accustomed to living amidst dangerous circumstances (snakes, spiders, and sharks!), or maybe they decided long ago that they would control situations instead of having it go the other way around.  No matter the cause, Sydneysiders have proven again that no matter what may happen, they will continue to move forward unafraid.

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