Getting used to rain


Just going to put this out there: I’m a wimp when it comes to rain.  Having not really grown up with it, and having lived for 10+ years in Southern California, I just don’t really know how to deal with it.  In San Diego, when it rains, you stay inside. End of story.

Since we arrived in Sydney 51 days ago, it has rained 19 days for a total of 161 mm  (6.3 inches).  Nearly 40% of our days to date have brought rain, some of it spectacularly presented along with thunder and lightening.  So, what have we done? We’ve stayed inside. We’ve scuttled out to get food or run errands when the skies were clear, and then back to our apartment to stay dry.

It didn’t occur to me that our ‘rain style’ might be a problem until I realized that the last couple of weekends in a row had been rainy.  And so we hadn’t done much. It seemed like a waste.

A co-worker confirmed my hunch the other day, when I mentioned that we’d skipped going to an outdoor movie in Centennial Park we’d bought tickets to because there had been a chance of rain. “Oh, it’s loads of fun! You get ponchos!” she said with a big wide smile at, I presume, memories of many an excursion that had been damp but lovely.

So that, along with my word declaration for 2015, sealed it:  I have to reevaluate my approach to rain.  A happy coincidence that this resolution coincides with the delivery of our household goods – including a pair of Hunter rain boots that I purchased on sale back in July (thanks, Adrienne!) and have never worn.

They’ll get a workout here. Bring on the wet!

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2 thoughts on “Getting used to rain

  1. This made me laugh. I also had to get used to going out in rain when I moved to NYC. The realization came when my boss asked me if I wanted to go to some post work event in a few days. Our conversation went something like:

    Me: Can we play it by ear? It might rain that day.
    Boss: Do you not go out in the rain?
    Me: I’m from California. We don’t go out in the rain. We cancel plans and reschedule. Why would people go out in the rain?
    Boss: *uncontrollable laughter* … Is this why you always work from home when it rains?



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