My word for 2015


I’ve been quiet for quite a while and I’m sorry about that, but we’ve been occupied with both fun things (like spending the entire day wandering down beachy coastlines) and not-particularly-fun-but-necessary things (like evaluating health insurance options). I’ve also, I must admit, had quite a few days where I just didn’t feel like it when it came to the blog.  It was easier to sit and catch up on Revenge than un-jumble my thoughts and put them into coherent sentences. Don’t get me wrong, I adore that show and suspect that a little bit of lazy zoning out is healthy, but it also requires very little energy or brainpower. And the idea of taking the easy and low-risk path doesn’t sit well with me.

All of which leaves me to the topic of this post: my word for 2015. I’ve followed the lovely and inspirational Claire Diaz-Ortiz for quite a while and am following her lead by also declaring my own word. As she explained, “the goal is to choose a word that will direct how I think about my life and the decisions I make about how to spend my time.”

My word for 2015:


Alright, it’s two words and technically a hashtag. Claire cheated on this too. No matter. The idea still stands.

I waste a lot of opportunities because I don’t just go. I make the mistake of murmuring one tiny “what if?” to myself, and then in no time at all I’ve whooshed down the steep, slippery slope of excuses and rationalizations until I’m either running too late to make it on time, or I convince myself that I’m being more practical by skipping whatever it was altogether. Or, I promise myself that I’ll go or do it next time. And then I realize what I’ve done – yet again – and spend the next hour feeling icky and disappointed.

Woody Allen said that eighty percent of success is showing up. It’s a phrase I throw around casually and often, but have trouble applying to my own life.  Not this year.

Procrastinating a workout? #showup and just do 10 minutes. Chances are really high I’ll complete the whole workout if I just start.

Opting to skip a movie outside because it might rain? #showup  Wet or not, it’ll be fun either way.

Nervous about pitching a new idea at work? #showup  Lock in a date with the boss on the calendar and build your case. The worst that can happen is that I get a chuckle and a “no” in return.

Been invited to drinks with new colleagues and aren’t sure you’ll get along? #showup  They might be new lifelong friends.

You get the idea.  2015 will be the year that I #showup more consistently to my life.

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