(In season) strawberry Santas

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Can I get something belatedly off my chest? Celebrating Christmas and the New Year during the summer is weird.  I didn’t think it’d be much of a problem, honestly. We lived in San Diego, famous for summer-ish weather year round. But at least it got chilly at night this time of year. At least we could wear boots and sweaters and the occasional scarf without looking like a lunatic. Here, we’re working with weather so warm and humid that walking around the city in jeans puts you at risk for a, um, swampy situation.

Anyway, I digress. The BBQs and the beach time we’ve enjoyed recently is all well and good, but having fruit like cherries and mangos at the peak of ripeness during the holidays is bizarre.  Although I must admit the strawberry Santas down here were particularly delicious.

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