I Miss You, Amazon.


What do I want right now? I’m not even sure. I know it has something to do with charging all my US electronics in Australia, but specifically, I don’t know how it functions or what it looks like. Oh, and I want it in 48 hours or less.

Unfortunately for me, and any other tech-savvy ex-pats, what I want just isn’t currently possible here. I’ve been spoiled and, just like with so many other recent happenings, will need to adjust my expectations. Previously I would log onto Amazon, type a random combination of things I wanted in a device and see what Amazon came up with. I’d spend a few minutes refining my searching while mentally noting the pricing, brand names, and differences between items. Finally, and inevitably, I would find the item for me. 48 hours (or 24, depending on my impatience) later, at a very competitive price, and at very little to no additional cost for shipping, the item would physically be mine.

Fast-forwarding to now, there is no extensive list of options. Regardless of where you look, everything is one price – full price. There are perhaps 2 options in total, and neither of them is really great for what I want. The best I can say about each is, “I guess that would work.” But this is our new reality. It’s not too bad. We’ll still get what we need, we’ll just pay more for something a little less functional, or beautiful. When you think about it, it’s good enough for nearly 24 million people, it’ll be good enough for us (but I still miss you Amazon!).

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