Living with less


Having grown up moving every few years, I’m a devoted minimalist. I don’t really collect stuff , and I’d much rather spend my money on experiences instead of things (okay, perhaps shoes are my exception, but I’m working on it). I also generally prefer small living spaces, which helps to keep my accumulation down (thanks, teeny storage nooks).

This past week and a half has really helped to remind me of how little one actually needs. For instance, our kitchen contains two plates, two forks and spoons, two glasses, one alarmingly red paring knife, and a cast iron pan. We recently decided to splurge and get a cheap cutting board and spatula. Have you ever tried to flip eggs with a spoon? Tricky. We’re not cooking anything too fancy, of course, but we’re pretty happy and getting along just fine. Tonight we had a couple of lamb chops with roasted potatoes, onions, green beans, and asparagus.

I finished Amy Poehler’s Yes Please last night, and among the many gems she penned was this one:

“I am a firm believer that every few years one needs to shake one’s life through a sieve, like a miner in the Yukon. The gold nuggets remain. The rest falls through like the soft earth it is.”

Well said, sister. What a good reminder to reevaluate our lives every once in a while and realise what might be clogging the tubes.

P.S. Fourteen other quotes from Yes Please that prove Poehler is our brilliant fairy godmother.

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