New apartment



We’ve happily found a spot that doubles as both a soft landing spot, and a superb launching pad. Situated in a busy part of town near the University of Sydney, our new apartment is walking distance to my work, has lovely views to the south and east, and is close to countless cafes and shops. It’s also literally new – the building’s residences have just been completed, with construction still ongoing for retail spots on the ground level. I love that everything in the apartment is fresh and in working order, and I’m also hoping that being in a new unit minimises our chances of meeting the infamous spiders that call Australia home. I love the romantic idea of living in a well-loved, quirky, older building, but what lurks in those walls? Eek.

Photos above of our view and our first dinner in the apartment – our tried-and-true ‘carpet picnic’ menu of smoked salmon, arugula, and a baguette. And those Kleen Kanteens? They contained champagne! Our household goods are still making their way towards us on a cargo ship somewhere in the Pacific.

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